FEMA Consultancy

Services For Setting Up Business Outside India

FEMA Consultancy & Compliance Services

a) Consultancy & Advisory Services
  • Consultancy in relation to Foreign Exchange transactions
  • Consultancy in relation to interpretation of Foreign Exchange Management Act, Rules, Regulations, Master Circulars and other allied acts;
  • Consultancy in relation to Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements (DTA);
  • Consultancy in relation to transfer pricing;
  • Retainership services and consultancy on routine matters
b) Compliance Services
  • Filing of Intimations with Reserve Bank of India;
  • Filing of various Statutory Forms & Returns with Reserve Bank of India;
  • Preparation of statutory registers and records for foreign exchange transactions;
  • Maintain a check on compliance (FDI, ODI, Export, Import etc.);
  • Audit of the records and documents maintained as per statutory requirements of the adjudicating authorities;
c) Certification Services
  • Issuing Foreign Remittance Certificates under the various provisions of the Income Tax Act, 1961;
  • Issuing certificates related to compliance of withholding tax requirements for remittance outside India;
  • Issuing certificates required at the time of repatriation outside India;
  • Other documentation and remittance support and dealing with authorized dealers in connection with foreign remittances
d) Due Diligence Services
  • Due diligence of the investment opportunities in India;
  • Due diligence of the financial statements and records of the Indian Entity required by the foreign investor in India;
  • Due diligence of the agreements and arrangement finalized between the investor and the investee